Saletrosan 30 N(S)

N - Total nitrogen
N – ammonium nitrogen
N – ammonium nitrate nitrogen
SO3 – sulphur trioxide soluble in water

Grain class: granules 2-6 mm, not less than 95%. Bulk density: 0.98 kg/dm3. Manufacturer: Grupa Azoty S.A. – Tarnów

fertilizer for spring fertilisation of practically all arable plants

Saletrosan® 30 is a fertilizer for spring fertilisation of practically all arable plants. As a universal fertilizer it is recommendable for spring top dressing fertilisation of winter crops, particularly cereals. It is also recommended to be used in early spring for all other arable plants: rape, winter crops, summer cereals, corn, industrial and root plants as well as in vegetable and fruit growing (horticulture). Very good results of fertilisation with Saletrosan® 30 are obtained in the sulphur-loving plants growing. It is highly effective in springtime on organic soils, particularly on grasslands.
When using Saletrosan® 30in presowing it is advisable to mix it with soil (shallow) and in top dressing to be used preferably before expected rainfall. Perennial crops should be fertilised in springtime.

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