“Khimprom” company is a recognized leader in the area of import and distribution of agrochemicals and mineral fertilizers with experience and success record within the territory of Ukraine. We are in the business of supplying quality products and services to agricultural producers with the aim to increase technology efficiency in growing agricultural crops.

Our company was established relatively recently, in 2013, yet it has been rapidly growing since then, taking new horizons every day. “Khimprom” is an official importer and distributor of mineral fertilizers from foreign and domestic companies. We were the first to bring Pulan to Ukraine – ammonium nitrate of universal application for all types of crops and soils.



Since its founding, “Khimprom” has been working with the best Ukrainian and Polish producers of nitrogenous and multicomponent fertilizers. Among our suppliers there is:

– Grupa Azoty – an integrated Polish company with production facilities in cities of Tarnów, Puławy, Gdańsk, Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Police. In terms of volume capacity it is one of the biggest fertilizer producers in Europe;


– Luvena S.A. – consolidated chemical industry companies in Poland that produce multicomponent, superphosphate and potassium fertilizers. At present, this is a territory of 60 ha of facilities and about 300 employees.



The company’s product range is a large selection of high-quality and ecologically safe mineral fertilizers of vast scope of application produced according to the highest world standards. In the product catalogue there are:

– Nitrogen fertilizers
– Nitrogen-sulfur fertilizers
– Liquid nitrogen fertilizers
– Multicomponent fertilizers
– Phosphate fertilizers
– Superphosphate fertilizers
– Potassium fertilizers
– Potassium-sulfate fertilizers
– Calcium fertilizers
– Multinutrient and other fertilizers

Consultations as to fertilizer selection are absolutely free – we are concerned for your farm to get the best harvest!


– We provide high quality fertilizers
– We cooperate with academic and research institutes
– We provide consultations from agronomists
– We sell products in volumes of 1 unit to large wholesale quantities
– We always keep to the conditions of the contractual relationship
– We deliver orders and related documentation on time
– We deliver fertilizers by railway, road and sea
– We take transportation expenses upon ourselves
– We are loyal to each customer
– We can guarantee discounts to regular buyers

Call us, write to us or come and visit, and test the efficiency and cooperation with us for yourself, as good and quality fertilizers are not just a big harvest but also the financial profit!